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POR-15 Tie-Coat Primer

Tie-Coat Primer
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Tie-Coat Primer is a very tough and sandable, non-moisture sensitive single-component polyurethane primer. It contains hybrid polymeric resins which have excellent adhesion characteristics to most painted surfaces, especially that of POR-15, because we have matched and blended the isocyanate resin components of both coatings to make them fully compatible. Tie-Coat Primer is highly resistant to penetrating topcoats such as enamels, lacquers, and two-component finishes (-penetrating topcoats+ refers to topcoats with especially aggressive solvent bases which can penetrate and ruin a partially cured base coat).

Tie-Coat Primer is not a reactive coating (as is POR-15, which reacts to moisture), but its revolutionary adhesion promotors make it an ideal interlocking prime coat between POR-15 and various topcoats. It sands to a perfectly smooth finish. It may be used over well-seasoned POR-15 coatings even if they are more than a year old, with no special preparation other than cleaning the surface.


Boiling Point: 350-385F / 177-196C
Vapor Density: Heavier than air
Reactivity in water: none
Odor: Light aromatic
Viscosity: Range@77F: 250-500 CPS
Specific Gravity (water = 1): 1.32
%Volatile by volume: 21%
Evaporation rate (Ether=1): Solvent, 4.5
Color: Bluish-Gray
Volatile organics: 2.33 lbs/gal (270 gr/ltr)
Flash point: 108F / 42.2C
Solubility in water: negligible
Carcinogens (or potential): none
Stability: Stable under normal conditions
Conditions to avoid: Sparks, open flame
Materials to avoid: Oxidizing Agents
Current TLV: ACGIH: 100 ppm TWA
Ceiling value OSHA PEL: 500

Surface Preparation: Surface to be coated should be free of grease, oil, foreign substances. Use a water soluble cleaner like POR-15 Marine Clean. Use of a scuff pad will create the best surface for adhesion.

Thinning: May be thinned up to 5% with POR-15 Solvent. Thinning is not usually required. Subsequent coats may be applied at 12 hour intervals if desired. Stir Tie-Coat thoroughly before using; do not shake as this will create air bubbles.

Pressure: Spray at approximately 35 lbs. Do not sand between coats of primer. Sand only after final coat of primer has fully dried (24 hours).

Topcoating: Allow a minimum of 24 hours before applying any topcoat over Tie-Coat Primer. Failure to allow enough dry time before applying topcoats may result in spidering or crinkling of the finish.

Storage & Handling: Store in tightly closed container and protect from moisture and foreign materials. Ideal storage temperature range is 50 - 81 F (10 - 27 C).


  1. Stir, do not shake, Tie-Coat Primer before using.
  2. Do not sand between coats. Sand only after final coat has dried thoroughly (24 hours).
  3. As with all solvent-based coatings, use an organic vapor particulate respirator, NIOSH/MSHA approved, when spraying or brushing. In closed areas, use an air-supplied respirator when spraying.

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